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Sample Set White

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Enjoy a tasting selection including our awarded white wines, our edition with special design, cava and as a special touch our dessert wine. motive


- 1x BASEIA '17

- 2x PHLOX '17

- 2x ERIÇÒ '17

- 1x LEA '15


Enjoy the taste of our BASEIA '17, a 100% Viognier. The short film maceration and a controlled fermentation at 15-17 C ° as well as the three-month maturation in French oak barrels make its flavor exceptional. Complex, structured and full-bodied with aromas of white fruits, peach, vanilla and floral aromas of magnolia and honeysuckle.

  • Grapevine: Viognier
  • Organic certified
  • 14% vol
  • 750ml


Our PHLOX '17 consists of four different grape varieties, Masanne Blanc, Cortese, Chenin Blanc and Muscat. The maceration took 48 hours at low temperatures with daily homogenization. Fermentation at controlled temperature of 15-17°C. The maturation went through a two-month process in stainless steel tanks. Its fruity, fresh note based on green pineapple makes it special.
Best to enjoy with: rice, "fideuà", seafood or fish from the oven.

  • Grape variety: Masanne Blanche, Cortese, Chenin Blanc, Muscat
  • Organic certified
  • 12% vol
  • 750ml


Maceration of the pulp at a low temperature and a daily homogenization supported by a controlled fermentation at 15-17°C. Try our ERIÇÒ '17. It includes aromas of almond blossom, pear, peach with a hint of mediterranean herbs, anise and lemon.

Young, fresh, balanced wine with a long taste and a bitter note on the palate.
Best to enjoy with: white meat, fish and seafood.

  • Grape variety: Grenache Blanc
  • Organic certified
  • 13% vol
  • 750ml

LEA '15

The perfect wine for every dessert. Overgrazing of the grapes in the vineyard. Fermentation at controlled temperature until fermentative stop with alcohol. Subsequent maturation in cognac barrels for 4 months. This particular dessert wine contains the aromas of white fruits, nuts, honey and raisins with a warm finish. The long-lasting taste isbased on dried fruits and Brandy.

Best to enjoy with: sweets, desserts, "foie gras"

  • Grape variety: Cortese
  • Organic certified
  • 16,5% vol
  • 500ml